The Wednesday Crossbow club



This is the place for those that have all their own kit and only need a space and a target to shoot at, shooting under your own recognisance and sharing butts with other, up to 10 people can shoot during this session in 2 details, at 18 metres, club shooters are encouraged to enter the NSRA postal competitions and progress up the ladder. It’s a 2-hour session, so arrive early to unpack to make the most of it. 3 sport 40cm vegas target supplied. the time slot is from 7-9 pm

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The Wednesday crossbow club

The Wednesday Crossbow club meets on a Wednesday evening from 7 -9.

The club hold regular meetings where people can shoot and exchange views and tips.

the club is also gearing up to run some competitions.

We are affiliated with the NSRA and the national crossbow federation.

From the national crossbow federation website,

the Federation is dedicated to encouraging, promoting and developing the practice of target crossbow shooting in Great Britain

According to the rules set out by the WCSA, our governing body.

we do this by exchanging information  to improve target crossbow shooting in all its legal forms 

We arrange competitions, indoor and outdoor championships and Judges training.

The NCF also give instruction and teaching of target crossbow shooting.

Our members regularly represent Great Britain in both indoor and outdoor International and World Championship tournaments.

We hope you find the information on this website useful. 

If you wish to enter their competitions we can arrange it for you. This will also give you access to competitions once you have received the minimum standard required.

We hold a good record in these events with two would champion in the club.

If you want to shoot at the Wednesday crossbow club or need advice on what to buy. We are happy to provide this to all members. We can also sell you the crossbow of your choice.

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