Axe throwing


Axe throwing is the newest Urban sport to hit the UK, the system we use originated in Canada, but we have converted it for our own uses and for the right person could lead to international competition. bring some friends along, throw a few axes, who has the best eye, it’s all about the skill, not the strength. 60-minute session.

minimum age for this activity is 11

new covid rules from 17-10-2020
Due to the new rules, we can now only take bookings from household or bubbles of 6 or less.
We have set our systems to only take bookings for 2 -4 persons, of which should all be family/bubble members
If you wish to have more people in your booking please contact us on mobile number 07955735454 and we will be able to make a private booking for you up to 6 persons.

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What a great way to let of some steam with your VBF’s, throw some axes around,