Axe throwing


Axe and knife throwing

Hi and welcome to the best axe and knife throwing venue in the UK, not only do we throw axes at up to 5 metres distance, a real challenge, but we also show you how to throw knives and mini hawks (a  3 bladed knife).

Available to anyone over the age of 11 we are a family-friendly site, but we also cater for the adults too.

Put it together with one of our other activities, try your hand at assault rifle or crossbow, we can tailor a package to your needs.

Fancy becoming an expert, then we can train you up to club level where you can compete.

We supply all the equipment, we allow you to throw 2 or 3 axes at a time, so you spend more time throwing and less time walking, we have only 4 people to a butt/lane,  way below what other sites do, so much more throwing time for you.

The session

The session starts with an introduction to the site and we show you first how to throw axes ( real tomahawks) , after you have had your chance to try the tomahawks we will move you onto the 3 bladed mini hawks and after you have mastered them, onto the throwing knives, a real skill if you can crack the sweet spot. then its on to practice for your competition with your chosen weapon of choice, as the session progresses we take you through longer distances, up to 5 metres and give you a couple of challenges to keep things new and moving at pace.

We then move to the competition, where you get to choose what you compete with, will it be tomahawks, mini hawks or knives,  what will be your distance that you choose. we finalise the session with your chance to use a Viking style axe with two bladed, a lot heavier than you have used in the past and a challenge to get to stick. we then present the winner with their well earned medal. Everyone has a great time.

To progress you skills checkout the axe throwing club.

No open toe shows are to be worn whilst participating, shoes must be closed toe.

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