Airsoft Gallery for upto 4 people


Put your Airsoft skills to the test in a fun, target-rich environment!

Airsoft gallery shooting offers a unique twist on the tactical world of Airsoft. Imagine a range filled with static electronic targets and instant feedback on your accuracy. These targets get progressively harder and harder to hit within the time frame.

Up your Airsoft game at our competitive shooting gallery. Perfect for groups of up to 4 players, aged 9 and over, this exhilarating activity is ideal for birthday parties, team building exercises, or friendly rivalries.
Here’s what makes our Airsoft gallery shooting stand out:
Group Competition: Each lane (gallery) accommodates one group of up to 4 players, allowing you to strategize and compete as a team.
Individual Profiles: Track your progress and accuracy with personalized profiles for each player.
Electronic Targets: Engage with diverse targets, pushing your shooting skills to the limit.
Live Scoring: See your performance displayed on the monitor in real-time, adding a layer of excitement to the competition.
Affordable Fun: Enjoy a thrilling session for just £75 per gallery.
Will you dominate the leaderboard or succumb to the pressure? Can the ladies outshoot the gents, or will experience prevail? Find out at our Airsoft gallery shooting!

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