Assault rifle shooting per person, minimum of 2 people


Welcome to our live fire range, the only range in London and the South East where you can come and have an assault rifle shooting experience.

Bookings are for minimum of 2 people (who must attend, no singles are allowed) and all participants must be over 14 years of age, and must not have a custodial criminal record. We will require some photographic identification.

See a video of shooting on the range!

The Session

The session starts on time, so get here early to do the paperwork and to park, which can be a challenge.

Once the safety briefing and the instruction are out of the way, we will give you a magazine with 25 rounds in it, for you to load and shoot in a deliberate fashion (slowly). We will then go down the range to see how well you have done, once we return to the firing point we will supply you with the rest of the bullets to load and fire as you wish under the control of the range officer, with occasional breaks to retrieve targets.

How long will the session take? It depends if you’re going for the accuracy or just full unloads – you can dispatch 25 shots in less than 30 seconds! If you take your time, you can make 50 shots in an hour for the very best scores.

Pack of 50 bullets

Need extra bullets, not a problem. You can have as many as you feel you may need in batches of 50 bullets (£20 for 50 bullets) at a time.
Please be aware you must not take any bullets from the site, as this will be unlawful.


Want to do more assault rifle shooting? You can join our shooting club. We follow the sport of lightweight sport rifles. This falls under the NSRA as a national governing body.

Minimum age

Minimum age for this activity is 14

If the booking is greyed out, unfortunately, it does mean that we are full on that session; we are currently booking a couple of weeks in advance for weekend sessions.


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Please ensure you plan to arrive 15 minutes before your booking as late arrivals may be refused entry and you will not be entitled to a refund or reschedule.