Crossbow shooting


This 60 minute session will give you every opportunity to learn the basics of crossbow shooting on our 10-meter range, using a 90lb crossbow, along with up to 4 other people, led by one of our great instructors, a great way to come and try your first time with a crossbow. 60 minute session.


Minimum age for this activity is 11.

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This a great chance to come and try crossbow shooting, using either 40lb or 90lb (how much strength you need to load it) crossbows, depending on the individual.

The session starts with an introduction to the safety rules by one of our great instructors.

Once completed, we will quickly move on to giving each individual personal tutoring for the first few shots, making everyone happy with the correct technique.

The instructor will then help those needing personal attention to improve their shot.  This enables them to achieve some phenomenal results in a very quick time.

A great introduction and experience for all. Especially if you are looking to move to a more formal course to really improve your shot and prepare you to buy your own crossbow.

Want to know more about crossbow shooting? Then visit the National Crossbow federation website.



The national Crossbow federation for crossbow shooting

The Federation is dedicated solely to the practice of target crossbow shooting in Great Britain according to the rules set out by the WCSA (World Crossbow Shooting Association), our governing body.

We arrange local and national competitions, and indoor and outdoor championships. Judges training and accreditation.