Speed shooting with assault rifles


Looking for more of a challenge, already tried our assault rifle experience, then this is your next step.

The session starts with 10 rounds to get used to how your gun is set up.

We then moved to 20 rounds on the knockdown and pop-up targets,  see if you can get your rhythm, keep them falling.

We then move to the turning targets, a simple round target to test your reactive responses and abilities, with 5-second exposures and 5 second rests,  you will be hard pushed to get of 20 shots in 5 turns, 4 shots every 5 seconds.

Finally, we put up a target of your choice, a bright splatter silhouette, the running man, or just the standard round target to see if you can better your scores. With just a 3-second face turn to shoot in and 7 turns with a 5-second delay, you have only 1 second to find and acquire the target and start shooting to achieve your bragging rights and top scores.

A total of 70 shots in all.

want to try it again? 20 round mag will cost £10.

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