Crossbow competitions at Target Sports World

We can run crossbow competitions on a Wednesday evening

The competitions we can run are both from the World Crossbow shooting association, via the National Crossbow Federation, Or through the National Smallbore Rifle association

The shoots will be classed as postal competitions and as such will qualify for world ranking points, star awards, and the international world postal competition for 2022.

(these are small pin badges showing your skill level and are awarded for the following scores.

Indoor Target: for 600/25 – 450, 500, 540, 570, 580, 590, 600
Indoor Target: for 600/40 – 450, 500, 540, 570, 580, 590, 600

If you wish to be registered for start awards, ranking points, and the international postal comps you will need to join the National Crossbow federation,

The sport crossbow postal competitions consist of 2 different types of comps, both 18 metre indoor. to compete you will need to complete at least 2 single comps, If you complete more your best scores will be taken

Both shoot 60 bolts, one at a 40 cm target ( the normal vegas) and the other at the 25cm target again a 3 spot.

the 40cm competitions are called an SC600/40 the other is called SC600/25

To compete in the World

We will also be running some matchplay competitions, through a league

Distance: 18m on 40cm vertical or triangle 3 spots 5 rings multi-color face.
Ends: 3 ends X 3 bolts per end per Match = a total of 9 bolts per Match.
Time: 50 seconds per Bolt = 150 seconds per 3 bolts.
Eliminations Matchplay may be conducted with as many competitors as available in Elimination matches down
to the Semi Elimination match.

All comps will take place at target sports world on a Wednesday evening from 7 till done.

The following are provisional dates,

6th April, 4th May, 1st June, 6th July, 3rd August, 7th September, 19th October, 9th November We have tried where possible to have a mix between school holidays and non-holidays.

For the NSRA competitions, they will be running a summer and winter league for the following,

  • Competition 700 — Sport Crossbow 10m
  • Competition 700a — Sport Crossbow 6yd
  • Competition 702 — Open Crossbow 18m
  • Competition 703 — Eric Dougliss Memorial Competition

These are all shot on 30 bolts. more information to follow.

There are a few more rules around what bows are used and size and power, but we will be able to fit everything in.

i am also considering running a pistol crossbow competition, which will consist of 30 bolts at 10 metres

To declare your interest please complete the form below.