Target Sports World

Our mission in life is to bring target sports to everyone who wants to have a go at them, and if they like what we do, to provide opportunities for people to develop their skills through clubs.

We can provide assault rifle shooting.  That’s real bullets using a semi-automatic rifle, the bullets fly as quick as you can pull the trigger from a 25-round magazine, Our club is aiming to become home office approved and will follow the sports of Lightweight sport rifle and gallery rifle. (within the range limits). We also intend to provide competitions at our range and others for people to test their skills against others.

We offer air gun shooting and a range to test your plinking skills and coaching for those that wish to compete on the air gun circuit, including postal competitions at our range.

We can offer training to international level in crossbow shooting through the National Smallbore rifle association and the world crossbow shooting association, both supported by us, postal and face to face competitions are available at up to 65 metres distance on away days.

The axe throwing is a great sport for beginners to get into, and we have a resident club called the Essex backyard throwers who are always looking for members and again compete both nationally and internationally, for those that can get to the standard, all it needs is a bit of practice and guidance and look out world.

Clubs are cheaper than one off bookings, but you need to try the skills before you join a club, where we can provide coaching and training to help you along your way.

Not found what you’re looking for, contact us and we would be more than happy to help out.

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