Crossbow shooting is great for testing your skills, available for beginners to expert we have the 3 main types of crossbow, the normal crossbow we use for the session is the standard crossbow 90lbs of pull, and a powerful shot.

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Target Sports World has some brilliant crossbow shooters, what we have within our team is a number of people who shoot crossbow locally.
Some shoot with the National Small-bore Rifle Association, which is ideal for the indoor 10-metre shooter, sub 90lb crossbow. The NSRA run a number of 10 metre shooting competitions a year and if you wish to enter, we can help with that.

Others shoot sport crossbow, with the National Crossbow Federation who will allow any poundage of bows up to about 400lbs and they shoot outdoors at 55 metres, an indoors at 18 metres and 25 metres. All great fun to shoot and can challenge everyone, the longer the distance the bigger the target is.
We can also shoot internationally with the World Crossbow Shooting Association for sport crossbow of which some of our shooters have achieved gold medals at world championships.
The next world championships are taking place in 2021 in Fort Lauderdale, USA so if you want to compete now is the time to start practicing. The longest distance is 70 metres bench rest; there is also forest shoot, and target shoot to compete in.

We are also trying out pistol crossbow shooting, a very inexpensive way into crossbow shooting, done at 10-metres with hand held pistol crossbows and shooting at small targets, it’s a relatively new sport and one frowned on by a lot of purist crossbow shooter. However, at target Sports World we see no reason not to shoot pistol crossbow in a safe and supervised environment.
We have a number of crossbow to rent for those that are experienced, from simple crossbows to compound crossbows.