10 metre Air gun shooting


Come and try your hand at some airgun shooting on our ten-metre range, you will have the opportunity to use 2 different types of airgun, both powered by Co2, a multi-shot lever-action cowboy rifle, and a 12 shot RAC 1911, classic pistol
Underlever rifle
Watch those targets fall as you hit them time after time. 60 minute session up to 200 shots.

The minimum age for this activity is 11

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Air rifle shooting and pistol shooting using multi-shot Co2 airguns.

This means no cocking of air rifles or pistols.

Just load and insert the 8 shot cartridge into the gun and start shooting.

2 guns to choose from and use during this fantastic shooting opportunity.

You will be Lead by one of our great crew; you will have the chance to shoot as many shots as you wish.

Your hand-picked crew member will show you how to load the cartridges. The best way to load them into the air rifle.

We will sort out the pressurized power cartridges for you, so the guns should all be ready to go.

Have a great time knocking down targets, shooting down the cans, and a truly memorable air rifle shooting experience.

Knockdown targets

We use some great knock down targets as well as spinners and reactive targets.

You shoot from the around the15-metre mark, with each rifle having a telescopic sight;  we then adjust them to suit the individual. After you have had your fill at air rifle shooting, we move on to air pistols.

Much harder to achieve a high score but well worth the effort.

Want to shoot more air rifles? Want to know more about shooting air guns. Check out the National Smallbore Rifle Association, the national governing body, for more info.

Do you want to try your hand at a competition, You could join our air rilfe club or bring your own gun to a plinking session,

You could try your hand at lightweight sport rifle. A new discipline run by the NSRA to take the place of old-style pistol shooting,

fancy your hand at shooting real rifles. You could try your hand with our assault rifles, a great way to let of steam and to improve you marksmanship skills and get those bragging rights,

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