Remington 1911RAC


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1911rac from Remington has a high-quality feel and authentic functionality. It’s a gun worthy of carrying the famous name, and surely set to appeal to an army of fans who really do understand what fun is all about!

Full Heavy Weight

Authentic 1911 Style Hardwood grip.

Approx 54-60 shots per 12g capsule

so don’t forget to order your capsules for your plinking session, or for your target shooting session.

Comes with a notch rear sight and blade foresight,  for easy target acquisition.

you will soon be racking up those points and getting your bragging rights.

we also stock the Remington soft pistol case, and hard pistol case to order.

If you need Steel BB’s for the gun, we have pots with either 1500, 2500 or 5000 in stock.

The Remington 1911rac is a great gun to shoot with. it has a range exceeding 20 metres for predictable shots,


Calibre 4.5MM BB
Type CO2 powered single shot sporter
Length (total) 20cm
Weight 907g
  • Fixed front and rear sight
  • Field Strippable
Power 320FPS


If you would like more information you could try the manufactures site or the distributor for the UK which is listed below.

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we can transfer it to a local Registered Firearms Dealer for local collection. (The dealer will charge an admin fee of up to £50 upon collection)  face to face transaction

(You must be able to send us a photo of your I.D before we arrange delivery).

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