Speed shooting competition


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Speed shooting will be available on the ranges from 8 pm on a Wednesday and a Thursday,  on the 1st week and the 3rd week of the month, range fees for speed shooting are £12:50 you will need to book your slot on the speed shooting page and then book your gun hire, both will need to be booked separately. Targets will be supplied.

To enter the competition please read below.

Prizes will be awarded in the form of range fee vouchers worth £10 each (and certificates)

2 entries 1 voucher for 1st place

4 entries 2 vouchers for 1st place. 1 voucher for 2nd place

9 entries 3 vouchers for 1 place, 2 vouchers for 2nd place 1 voucher for 3rd place

Judging criteria highest score

03/ Standing, 2 cards per month using PL 15-18 – 2 cards per month, 3 months, Entry £10

04/ Bench rest 2 cards per month, 3 months Using a BR15 – 18 (ten spot)

Additional information

Speed shooting

Benchrest, standing


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