• Role of honour

    Axe throwing single spot

    Top shots  single spot axe
    Possible score 50, 10 axe throws at a single target
    Current top 3
    Alan KP       45 points
    Andy            42 points
    Frankie        40 points
  • Role of honour

    Axe throwing 3 spot

      Top shots 3 spot
      possible score 45, 9 axe throws at a 3 spot target
        current top 3
     Alan K.P.  45 points
     Frankie      34 points
     Peter          33 points
  • Role of honour

    Crossbow 3 spot, 9 bolts at 18 metres


    Top shot  3 spot vegas target 9 bolt match
    Possible score 90 + ten ring tens
    Current top 3
    Who Score ring tens
    Alan G   86    5
    Hetal M   64
  • Role of honour

    10 spot live fire

    Top shot  20 shots 2 at each diagram
    Possible score 200
    Current top 3
    Who Score

Holiday special

Holiday specials are when we open our doors to young people, its time to let them throw some axes, shoot some air guns, and even shoot some crossbows', or if over 14 an assault rifle, each young person needs to be accompanied by an over 18 carer, and wil need to stay around for the time they are with us.

  • Axe throwing for the young

    up to 6 places in each time slot and costing £18 per hour. This axe throwing session will delight young people as they learn new skills and achieve high scores.
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  • Air gun shooting

    Up to 6 young people at a time can undertake the airgun shooting using both pistols and airguns, and using 8 shot magazines, on our new plinking range. spaces are limited,
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