What is a lightweight sport rifle,

It’s fairly straightforward,

Its any rifle that weighs less than 4.5Kg in total, including the sights, Which most people use telescopic sight for.
ruger rifle
Ruger 10-22

It’s .22 in calibre and maybe an air rifle or cartridge rifle. Trigger weights should be above 500gms
It uses the distance’s from 20 yards to 100 yards for its competitions on a variety of paper targets.
You’re not allowed to have any specialist clothing, slings, palm rests, boots that give ankle support or butt plates.

The positions to shoot from are,
Prone (laying down), Kneeling, Standing or bench rest.

How will the training be organised?

Everyone will need to undertake a minimum of 6 hours training and 3 months as a probationary member of the TSW Lightweight sporting rifle target Shooting club
This training will cover, Saftey, safety and safety, law and we will also be covering such topics as how to set up in each position, and how the club will be run and fit in with the national governing body the National Small-bore rifle club. Basics on rifle cleaning maintenance and setting up/sighting in.
Additional modules will be developed on types of rifle, types of ammo, refinements in positions and personal coaching, along with a number of others.

How will we compete?

The competitions will be run on a league basis,
A winter league and a summer league, each month you will need to shoot 2 targets with 10 shots on each target, the league will run for 4 months so that 4 sets of targets delivered to the office by the last day of each month.

The league will be split into tables with a maximum of 10 people in each table and will be split between juniors (under 21) Seniors (over 55) and the remainder.
It will also have different distances and different positions. All in all, it will make for up to 20 different comps that various people can enter at different times.
There will also be postal competitions available from other clubs that you may enter.

The tables will be populated by working out your average from the first 4 cards you submit.

The club will start with up to 20 positions for new members, 6 of these will be taken by staff, the remainder will be selected from those who have applied for membership, on a first come first served basis, we will add additional members to the club as training opportunities arise over the coming months.

Each person who wishes to apply for membership must meet the following criteria
Must be over 21 (we will be taking juniors at a later date)
Must have not have spent any time in prison.
Must be willing to go through a police check.
Must be willing to pay the membership fee. (£50 per 6 months)
Must have attended at least 2 sessions of assault rifle shooting.
You will need to provide 2 referee’s who will be able to provide a character reference for you who are not related to you.
Must be willing to attend an interview.

Overtime (sooner rather than later) We will aim for the club to become a Home office approved club,

What other costs are involved?
The range fee will be set at £8 per lane per hour.
Rifle hire will be set at £3 per lane per hour
Bullets will cost £10 per 50.

On completion of probationary training, you may be invited to undertake range officer training, to fill any range officer voluntary posts.

The 22 shooting club

The 22 shooting club is limited to 65 members and will run on Wednesday and Thursday from 1800 hours to 2200 hours
Each bookable slot lasts for 60 minutes, and people will be able to book the following
A range lane for use with our guns and ammo, or you own air rifle.
There will be a membership fee of £50 per 6 month period,
Lane hire will be set at £8 per lane per hour,
Rifle hire will be set at £3 per hour.
Bullets will be priced at £10 for a box of 50 bullets.
Target will form part of bullet fee you will be entitled to 2 targets per 50 bullets, other targets can be purchased at 20p per target.
you will need to attend a range and gun safety course which will be 6 hours long and will cost £60 per person.
You will need to provide 2 referee’s who will be able to provide a character reference for you who are not related to you.

Expression of interest for club membership application, please complete and submit.