• Role of honour

    Axe throwing single spot

    Top shots  single spot axe
    Possible score 50, 10 axe throws at a single target
    Current top 3
    Alan KP       45 points
    Andy            42 points
    Frankie        40 points
  • Role of honour

    Axe throwing 3 spot

      Top shots 3 spot
      possible score 45, 9 axe throws at a 3 spot target
        current top 3
     Alan K.P.  45 points
     Frankie      34 points
     Peter          33 points
  • Role of honour

    Crossbow 3 spot, 9 bolts at 18 metres


    Top shot  3 spot vegas target 9 bolt match
    Possible score 90 + ten ring tens
    Current top 3
    Who Score ring tens
    Simon E   87     6
    Alan G   86     5
    Hetal M  64
  • Role of honour

    10 spot live fire

    Top shot  20 shots 2 at each diagram
    Possible score 200
    Current top 3
    Who Score

Sudden death champions

Sudden death champions are not found very often, so to get featured as a champion on this wall is a great achievement. All you have to do to qualify as a sudden death champion is during your axe throwing match you should call sudden death, this means have agreed to throw one axe at a single target 40mm in diameter if you hit it first time you win if you miss, you lose. no other rules.