EK Archery Jag II pro crossbow- 175lb black


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This PRO version of the Jaguar II crossbow serves as a viable upgrade to one of the most popular recurve crossbows today. The bow itself has a draw weight of around 175lbs that provides high accuracy and power and makes the Jag II the perfect long-range bow.

The PRO version features a reinforced composite stock that keeps the crossbow strong and light and the AR style extendable stock ensures a comfortable shouldering position for shooters of all sizes.

This crossbow also features an all-new Extended Bullpup Trigger system which dramatically improves the bows precision and has been designed with target shooters in mind.

The Pro also features rubber string stoppers that decelerate the bowstring for greatly reduced recoil and increased reliability.

Package Includes : – 3-Dot Red Dot Sight – Cocking Rope – String Wax – 3 Bolt Quiver – Goggles – String Stopper – 3 x 16″ Aluminium Bolts

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Dimensions 78 × 23.5 × 14 cm