EK Archery Cobra-RX Adder


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EK archery cobra-RX Adder The world’s first tactical repeating crossbow!

The EK Archery Cobra Adder is based on the extremely popular Cobra RX crossbow. The Adder brings something entirely new and innovative with a top-loading magazine. This magazine allows for quick and easy follow up shots. With a draw weight of around 130lbs, the adder also continues to have great accuracy and range.

We can also supply the 90lb limbs.

This product can also be used with the 15″ arrows that can be supplied separately.

The adjustable AR-Style stock ensures easy shouldering and a comfortable firing position.

This is something entirely new to the world of crossbows.

With a very particular loading procedure, this product can have you shooting in no time at all. As fast as you can operate the crossbow your shots will fly out of the front and into the target.

Ideal for wheelchair users this crossbow makes you independent of others, requiring only the upper body to load and fire this innovative crossbow.

EK archery cobra-RX Adder



  • Picatinny rails
  • Red dot sight
  • Foregrip
  • Detachable sling mount
  • AR-15 Style Stock
  • Top-loading magazine
  • Bolts x5
  • Shoulder sling
  • Safety glasses
  • Buttstock
  • Spare string with limb caps
  • Lube wax

Colour Black.

Brand EK Archery.

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We also sell bags for this product.

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