Airsoft Gallery using your own guns and ammo


What is an airsoft gallery, very simple, in our world its where you shoot at static electronic targets during a session which get progressively harder and harder to hit within the time frame.

This product is for those experienced  air-softer’s who have thier own kit and ammo,  so its range hire only.

Suitable for 9 years old  to 90 years old.

The session will allow up to 4 players from 1 group per lane (a gallery) ,  each with their own profile,  and with the gallery costing £60  , we will show you have to use the sfotware and the targets and then you can let it rip, the round will be recorded and displayed on the pad,  you can see what you have to beat.  Can you stay top dog, or will you fall from grace, will the ladies beats the gents,  or the young beat the nots so young.  Who knows.

2 shooter games also available



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