Air gun shooting kids holiday special

A 1-hour airgun shooting session using rifles and pistols and shooting at plinking targets

A holiday special for young people who are over 11 years old,

We are providing some young people slots between 10:00 am and 4 pm

we have a maximum of 6 slots available at any one time for air gun shooting, each slot is 60 minutes long,
and both pistols and rifles, are multi-shot.

All young people must be accompanied by an Adult (not doing the activity)
COVID rules

Everyone over 11 years old will need to wear a mask when entering our premises. people will be separated into groups of a maximum of 6 to maintain COVID rules.

new covid rules from 17-10-2020
Due to the new rules, we can now only take bookings from household or bubbles of 6 or less.
We have set our systems to only take bookings for 2 or 3 persons, of which should all be family/bubble members
If you wish to have more people in your booking please contact us on mobile number 07955735454 and we will be able to make a private booking for you up to 6 persons.