This is where you can sign up for the young people in your life if they want to take up airgun shooting or axe throwing!

We are going to start a young person club, for young people between the age of 12 and 16

The way it will work,

once people have signed up we will get the young people together in small groups to start to train them this is likely to be around 5:30 in the early evening for induction and initial safety training, or by arrangement.

This is where we get to know them and see how they can work with us which by necessity is a highly disciplined environment, we ask the carers to stay around for the 2-week inductions, after that if we are happy parents can go and do their shopping or stay around and have some coffee or tea, you would be very to welcome to stay around.
the costs involved are as follows,

Initial induction and 6 monthly club membership, £25 per discipline.
After this is £10 per week per session, this covers staff and all equipment and consumables if needed.
There will be sharing of equipment.

There is a maximum size of each club, which we hope will ensure that everyone gets a good go at the sports on their night, we anticipate that we will have a waiting list.

The intention for the clubs is that they will be a bit of fun and skills development for the young people, if the young people what to take things further, we are very fortunate that we have British champions and top coaches on our staff and we can discuss this with individuals to develop individual training plans, just ask.

If you would like more information please complete the form below and we will be in touch once Boris has had his say.

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