How the parties work

Each of the ranges can accommodate 6 shooters at a time, and we have two ranges.

The 25-yard rifle range for live fire, and the 10-metre range, the 10-metre range is used for archery, crossbow, axe throwing and airguns.

When we have parties with more than 6 people (12) we split the party into 2, with 6 people on the live-fire range and 6 people on the 10-metre range for the 45-minute session then we swap them over.

If there is a 3rd session which is usually axe throwing we will put the two groups together for the final battle of the axes on the throwing range. there is a little time between sessions whilst we change over and set up and during this time you are invited to take advantage of the free tea, coffee, and water available.

At the end of the sessions if you want space to have a little cake and juice party (for the younger amongst you) we can put together a small pop up-room with a couple of narrow tables and chairs, enough for 15 people, for you to decorate as you wish and to play some music on our portable player (you provide the music from your phone via wifi to our system). We would normally be expected to finish in about 45 minutes and clear the tables for us to black sacks. additional time can be booked at £20 per hour.

If it is a 2 session party but does not include the use of the live-fire range, and you have 12 shooters who will have to share the range and take turns at using the equipment with the exception of axe throwing. We will also need at least one adult to look after the young people who are not shooting, we can provide this person at an additional cost.

We can also provide small trophies, rosettes or medals for your event at a small extra charger and these can be found in our online shop.

We can be contacted by email on or by phone on 07738259271

Any questions please ask.